Hasler Financial Services

Leasing is a popular method of acquiring postage machines and related equipment and can be a very practical and cost effective option for businesses and organizations. Hasler Financial Services offers the most competitive rates in the industry, providing innovative programs that can be designed to precisely fit your operational and budgetary needs.

Hasler offers one stop shopping in its lease arrangements, with streamlined procedures that can have a lease application competed in far less time than you imagined. And you can be confident that Hasler Financial Services, as the only leasing company 100% dedicated to the mailing system business, will ensure you are in complete compliance with all USPS regulations.

In addition to offering special programs, promotions and incentives, Hasler Financial Services is able to combine hardware, software, service and meter rental into one simple monthly lease payment. This ensures that you are taking advantage of the most advanced equipment and systems in the industry to best meet your mail room requirements.
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